This is ripped directly from the Tumblr and I am not sure if my analyzation of the results will ever be posted, since this was on the old version of this site.

(This is a pretty informal write-up and will only include pictures of the statistics, with sparse wordage. I’ll write up an informal essay with my observations later and include more writing.)



Question: Are you a phytanthrope? If not, please exit the survey.

Responses: Blue responses indicate Yes, Red is “I think I might be, I’m still exploring”.

Out of 19 responses (limiting for those I suspected were trolls, 3 responses total, after consulting with friends), 63% of people responded “yes”, and nearly 37% said they were still exploring.

Next will be responses asking about kintypes and the suspected reasoning behind them. I have examples of a filled out survey for both, in order to show the possible responses in image form.

Question: “if you are, what’s your kintype?”

Most people were either ‘kin with plants in general (6 responses), or with flowers or trees (5 responses each).

Two respondents were forestkin.

1 respondents each were: fernkin, mosskin, fruitkin, a forest guardian or forestkin, a forest spirit, groundcover ivy, (possibly) succulentkin, and one was Flowey from Undertale.

Question: “What do you think might be the cause of your kinity?”

The responses were checkboxes so that people could choose more than one reason, for those who did.

9 responses said reincarnation, 8 said it was spiritual or energetic, 5 said a psychological reason, 5 said a plant spirit in a human body, 4 said they weren’t sure and they just felt like a plant.


The part of the survey which was not directly included here asked about people’s experiences being plantkin, any energetic sensations, feelings of plantity, etc.

Multiple responses noted a connection to or with plants, feeling as if they were plants, phantom roots/limbs, strong nonhuman attraction to sunlight/water, feeling strong feelings of being at home when in forests, etc.

Finally, the last question asked how respondents felt about themselves in relation to the rest of the otherkin community.

42% wished for more positive attention, another 42% felt neutrally about it, and about 10% didn’t care. One respondent says they wished they were more active in the community,

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