What are otherkin?
Plantkin are otherkin that identify as plants. Some people who are otherkin may identify as animals, creatures of fantasy, or even things like space or a sun.

Why are you plantkin?
Some people have spiritual beliefs that lead them to believe that plants have souls, which opens the possibility of someone finding they are reincarnated from a plant, others may have a plant-like energy or affinity that leads them to the conclusion that they’re a plant, but non physically. Some otherkin (plantkin included) may have pyschological quirks (non harmful, non delusional) that make them otherkin.

Are plantkin real? 
Yes! Plantkin/phytanthropes (another name for plantkin, coined by Daragah/house of chimeras) are just as real and valid as other types of otherkin. We don’t believe that we are plants, at least not in body.

How do I know if I’m plantkin? 
This requires introspection on your behalf, as will be undergone when you’re discovering any other aspect of your identity. To start, I would recommend asking yourself how you feel around plants, asking what certain aspects of nature and of life that you feel drawn to, and asking what form you would choose if you could have a nonhuman form.

From there you might want to explore your kintype and how it relates or doesn’t relate to certain aspects of your life. Overall I would recommend to not take the whole process super seriously– being otherkin is but one part of your existence, and you can make it as significant or as insignificant as you so choose.