resources – plantkin unite


Questioning whether you’re otherkin? Our otherkin journaling guide (written by Cypress) is here:

Our plantkin guide is here— are you plantkin?


Community resources-

Here’s our resource list. (On Tumblr) It has some essays and some things we’ve written, in addition to some kin care self care and some kin stim things.

Daragah’s essays are here. They describe his experiences being an oak phytanthrope, in addition to general writing about plants.

The term phytanthrope was coined by Daragah (house-of-chimeras) as well. It essentially means the same thing as plantkin, just in fancy Latin. It’s a combination of the Latin for “plant” and “human”, and I personally very much like the term.

Fun stuff!

I made a fun Etsy list of things for plantkin and plant lovers, which you can find here: Etsy list for plantkin.