Plantkin resource list!

This is very recent (last edited 1/12/17). Please let me know if you have any links in mind. This won’t be a static post, I will edit it when needed.

Cypress’ otherkin journaling guide is hosted on the site. It’s also on the Tumblr in a shorter form. If requested, I can send a Google Drive link to the PDF.


Community related things:

Here’s our Discord group.
Plantkin survey results post.
phytanthrope symbol, colorplantkin symbol, transparent |
secondary plantkin symbol | secondary symbol | opt. secondary symbol

The basics, essays and other information:

plantkin faqplantkin page on otherkin wikia | phytanthrope community survey results |

plantkin/phytanthrope essays (from House of Chimeras)

What being a phytanthrope is to Darahagh (last updated 2016)

History of Plant-Indentified People in the Otherkin Community

LionGoatSnake’s Plantkin Tag

Greenkin Blog (it’s an archive btw)


Self care:

gift ideas for phytanthropes and plant lovers

self care posts

Mosskin self care | Woodland creature themed bath bombs

plantkin stim toys  | more stim toys | more plantkin self care | Plantkin items under $10 | Forest themed room decoration  |  more forest related gifts

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