plantkin faq – plantkin unite

Didn’t/don’t you all have another plantkin site?
Yes! Our old Weebly site is at , though I will be deleting it soon! If you’re a frequent reader of it, please redirect people to this site you’re on now, which is the new one:

The Plantkin FAQ:

Are you trolls?
No. Tumblr’s plantkin tag (at least the most popular posts) doesn’t give an accurate representation of plantkin. The majority of very popular posts are from trolls.
What are you, then?
Plantkin are just otherkin that identify as plants. Some people who are otherkin may identify as animals, creatures of fantasy, or even things like space or a sun/star.
Why are you plantkin?
Some people have spiritual beliefs that lead them to believe that plants have souls, which opens the possibility of someone finding they are reincarnated from a plant, others may have a plant-like energy or affinity that leads them to the conclusion that they’re a plant, but non physically. Some otherkin (plantkin included) may have pyschological quirks (non-harmful, non-delusional) that make them otherkin.
What’s that phytanthrope word I’ve been seeing around?

Phytanthrope is another name for plantkin, coined by Darahagh/house of chimeras. I like the word a lot and use it more often on the rest of the blog.

Are plantkin real?

Yes! We’re just as real and valid as other otherkin. We don’t really believe that we are plants, at least not physically.

How do I know if I’m a phytanthrope?

Read this. It will help you some. I’ve also finished a short otherkin journaling guide, which is available here: otherkin journaling guide.pdf

Is there anything else that can help?

We have a resource list on our site, in addition to a blog post with more resources, and some communities.

You can also check out Daragah’s blog post on his phytanthropy for much more information.

How can I help?

I would really appreciate it if people could help me out some!
Please contact me at if you would like to help, and I’ll get back to you with some questions to answer, or ideas you can write about and send back to me, if you’re a pytanthrope.