being pinekin/a phytanthrope

I’m otherkin with pine trees. A phytanthrope, plantkin, however you wish to say it.

Partially spiritual—

My “how/why” for being otherkin with plants is mostly energetic. I’m into energy work and my energy appears to be very similar to the energy in pine trees— I call it “feeling piney”— and I feel very much at home among them, almost like we are energetic relatives.

My spiritual paradigm includes the belief that plants have a sort of sentience or consciousness, therefore I don’t consider it too much of a stretch for anyone to be otherkin with any kind of plant.

I don’t experience any phantom limbs, though I do get some feelings that Darahagh from House of Chimeras might describe as “plantity”, mostly in the way I seem to have a desire for certain energies (those of water, sunlight, and dirt) and the physical matter associated with them.

(Keeping in mind I have these thoughts when I’ve already eaten, not dehydrated, etc.)

The specifics—

Granted, since my feeling of being otherkin is in part energetic, some things can throw it off (but not take it away completely). Ironically enough, I have trouble with grounding due in part to severe dissociation.

I also have noted the “piney feeling” is a bit transparent– I can’t completely shove it aside, but it can be noticeably shoved to the background if I need to (i.e., if I’m stressed), but that using coping methods that align with my kintype seem to realign this feeling and bring it into greater focus.

How am I sure—

Overall, I am sure I am plantkin because of a base feeling of “I am a pine tree/my energy is heavily related to them” which hasn’t faded since I discovered my energy was the way it is.

​-mod cypress

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