Analyzing kin feelings: some thoughts.

This was supposed to go in the journaling guide, but I’ve decided to leave it out.

A couple of months ago I came up with a way to succinctly capture feelings most who are kin may go through.

It’s simply a series of words which could hopefully be scaled from 0-5 or even 0-10. If scaled every day, they could give one insight into when their kin feelings come and go, what kind of kin feelings they have, and even insight into why someone is otherkin.

Keep in mind that everyone’s experiences are different! Otherkin have a variety of experiences and when I made this, I didn’t set out to capture everyone’s expierences in just a few words.

The words and their definitions (as applies to analyzing otherkin experiences) are:

Poginancy/longing: Longing one has for any aspect of their kintype. If one was kin in a past life, with not much of a connection to their kintype, this may not be very high.

Connection: connection with your kintype. Don’t overthink this, it is simply “do I have a connection with my kintype today?”

Process/mentality: how you are processing things right now. How much of this is similar to your kintype?

Spiritual: how spiritual are you feeling in relation to your kintype (for spiritual kin), do you have any phenomena like astral limbs, etc.

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